Facilities Management

By outsourcing Facilities Management to Wellingborough Norse, organisations can concentrate on core business, safe in the knowledge that they will have their premises, plant, equipment or services available and fully functional, whenever they need them.

Private sector business clients, local authorities, education and health authorities and housing associations all benefit from the forward-thinking and quality-driven approach that Wellingborough Norse brings to FM services. Cleanliness, security, safety and hygiene are among our top priorities whatever service we deliver.

Services include:

Premises Cleaning

From daily cleaning to specialist and deep cleans, services can be tailored to meet the needs and times criteria for each individual establishment, cost effectively and quality driven.

Building Maintenance

Our services include planned preventative maintenance, response maintenance, estate management and modernisation work.


Wellingborough Norse offers a range of services designed to support customers in the provision of buildings and facilities management, caretaking and portage duties.

Norse has considerable experience of delivering FM services to multiple sites spread across urban and rural areas.