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Wellingborough Norse helps highlight street littering problem

November 2013

Wellingborough Norse is currently working with The Keep Britain Tidy Group to highlight the plight of littering in our towns and villages. 

Dean Granger (Education & Enforcement Officer) and Steve Dunkley (Cleansing Manager) arranged to highlight how much litter is dropped on our streets every day by not cleaning one side of a local street over a weekend period. 

When the street side was cleaned, three bags of rubbish, consisting of bus tickets, cigarette butts, crisp packets and some smashed glass bottles, were collected. In addition eight bins over the short section of the street, although only half full, were emptied as part of the process.

Local news teams were on hand to report on the scheme and Dean and Steve were on BBC radio Northampton and BBC Look East.

The Wellingborough Norse Response Team also hit the headlines recently when a local reporter went out with them to pick up some flytipping, again helping to highlight the environmental problems from illegal waste dumping.

Chairman of Wellingborough Council’s community committee, Cllr Peter Morrall, said: “People don’t realise how much litter is picked up every day from the streets and the huge cost of this. We need people to see the harsh reality of what happens when a place is not cleaned up for them.”

“We want them to think about the ways in which the money it costs to pick up dropped litter could be better spent,” he added. “ It’s not fair that so much taxpayers’ money is spent on something that could be so easily prevented.”

Wellingborough Norse carries out environmental work on behalf of Wellingborough Council.

To get an information brochure or to sign-up for the competition and get the chance to win £1000 worth of equipment for your school, contact:Stephen.Dunkley@ncsgrp.co.uk